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Lights, Camera, Action! A fan of cinema and the art of production, I hope to share my love of film in this social date. 55" flatscreen TV at my private downtown incall, we may indulge in a movie with popcorn, drinks, and cuddling. A social Date which recreates the nostalgia of old school movie dates with a modern touch! I have a selection of films, but am open to suggestions if you would like to share your box-office favourites!

Contest Details...

As per my recent Breast Augmentation surgery beginning of October, I had to unfortunately step back from services for a "healing hiatus". Great news is currently at 2 weeks post-op, I am confident to get back to spending social time with lovers! Not only have I been saving this NEW menu item for this occasion, but I have decided to introduce it in style as a CONTEST! I want to thank everyone whom has supported me during my time off, and only felt this contest would a fun means to show my gratitude. From October 24th-29th & November 1st-4th 2020 at my downtown incall, every one Netflix 'n Chill movie date social will enter you in to win a One Hour Honeymoon Session, which will be redeemable at my incall once my chest heals and I am back to offering experiences outside of social dates. That means you may enter multiple times for more chances to win! Each "admission" is equal to one ballot entry. Admissions must be submitted no later than 24HR in advance.

The winner will be announced on my Twitter feed in real time on November 5th 2020, so please keep an eye on that! Take a look at my movie suggestions below, however if you have a recommendation for a film you believe we will both enjoy, then please include that when booking in my contact form for booking. As always, please take a look at my FAQS and Etiquette in addition to my screening requirements before sending a booking request.  

Movie Watch-List:

Groundhog Day


The Naked Gun

The Usual Suspects 

Stand By Me

The Truman Show

Back to the Future 

Boogie Nights

The Matrix


Pulp Fiction 


Kill Bill

Spirited Away

Howl’s Moving Castle 

La Bamba 




Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Good Will Hunting 

A Star is Born


V for Vendetta

Dirty Dancing

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Save the Last Dance

Saturday Night Fever



Black Snake Moan

Happy Gilmore

Grown Ups

That’s My Boy

Scary Movie


The Cable Guy

The Gentlemen 

Legally Blonde 

Just Friends

Truth or Dare


The Purge

The Strangers


Runs October 24-29 2020 & November 1-4 2020

$200 Admission/Movie

1 Movie Admission = 1 Ballot Entry

Admission must be booked no later than 24HR in advance

Winner Announced November 5 2020 via Twitter Post

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Netflix 'n Chill Contest Summary

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