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With an extensive menu, there is for certain a flavour to satiate your temptations. While I do respond to appropriate inquiries, I do not communicate specific details via text. I do answer FAQs here, so please be courteous and take a look before emailing me questions which may be answered there. Services are SAFE and CONSENSUAL.

NEW: Sleepaway Camp

Looking for a way to spice up your camping trip? Say no more! I love the great outdoors and accompanying you in excursions! Canoeing, Shooting Range, Motorsports, and the classic hike! Whether it's in a cabin or your camping trailer, I think we can fit two in a sleeping bag.

$3000: 24 Hours

$5000: 48 Hours

$6000: 72 Hours (The Weekender)

$12,000: 72 Hours True PSE (bbfs must be tested)


The Jessica Rabbit Experience 

The most popular of my Roleplay Reveries gets her own stand-alone service now! The ultimate Roleplay Reverie targeted for lovers who appreciate entertainment production as much as the thrill of what mystery lies behinds closed curtains. When the stage lights dim, Joli Jolánka as Jessica Rabbit will fulfill your redhead icon fantasy.


The Jessica Rabbit Experience is held at either my discreet, clean, and beautiful downtown Edmonton Incall OR at a hotel of our agreed choice when choosing the longer engagement. FMTY is an option for those seeking the longer engagement!



*Note: I require 48HRs advance notice. Absolutely no same day bookings.

Donation Rates: 
: 1 Hour

$1000: 2 Hours

$6000: 24 Hours True PSE (bbfs Must Be Tested)


Netflix 'N Chill

Lights, Camera, Action! A fan of cinema and the art of production, I hope to share my love of film in this date. flatscreen TV at my private downtown incall, we may indulge in a movie with popcorn, drinks, and cuddling. A social which recreates the nostalgia of old school movie dates with a modern touch! I have a selection of films, but am open to suggestions if you would like to share your box-office favourites!

Donation Rates: 
$200/Movie (SOCIAL ONLY)

$700/Movie (Social + Service)


Vanilla Skies

It all starts with an intriguing encounter. 
a social Date and gentle introduction for the novice lover... must I say more?

Donation Rates: 
$300 Hour
$500 Two Hours

The Honeymoon

Where does one move from a delicate touch? A classic experience for the gentleman or lady whom knows what he/she wants; where lustful encounters become that more intimate. From vanilla skies we land on cloud 9. Space between you and I simmers as the passion melts two separate hearts into one. 
Indulge in the "new love" feeling without the "I do" commitment.

Donation Rates:
$500: Full Hour

$800: 2 Hours

$5000: 1 Hour True PSE (bbfs Must Be Tested)

The Trophy Wife

What is better than making your dad proud and your boss jealous? A Beautiful woman on your arm. Eloquently spoken lady with humour as charming as her inviting demeanour, I will pose as your date or significant other. Social Function friendly for events such as weddings, office parties, game nights, Symphony, and concerts, with PDA optional. When the event comes to an end, you and I will relive the Honeymoon Experience. FMTY is an option.


Donation Rates:

$2500: 12 Hours 

$3000: 24 Hours

$5000: 48 Hours

$6000: 72 Hours

$12,000: 72 Hour true PSE (bbfs Must be Tested)

Fetishist's Fantasy

This one is for the kinksters in the room… taboos are meant to be broken, are they not?  Whether you're an advanced player or just intrigued to try something new, I offer a safe, non-judgmental space for play. Soft or Hard play, please be sure to message me directly, as I do have restrictions and want no ambiguity. 

Donation Rates:

$600: Soft Hour
$800: Hard Hour


Roleplay Reverie

I love to dress-up! This is my personal favourite menu item, as there are endless options! Opening doors for hidden fantasies to reveal, the only thing limited in this experience is room for boredom. Inquire about any characters you'd like me to play. I want to do my best to accommodate your insatiable fantasies. I do require 48 hours notice ahead of time, of course, so I may get into character.


Some (but not limited!) Character Suggestions:
Daenerys Targaryen, the Queen of Dragons (my favourite!)
Wonder Woman

Harley Quinn

Princess Leia (Gold Bikini) 
Kill Bill
Mia Wallace
Naughty School Girl

Goth Girl
The Librarian

Your Secretary

Boss Bitch

Donations Rates:
$600: 1 Hour

$1000: 2 Hours
$2000: 4 Hours

$6000: 1 Hour True PSE (BBFS Must Be Tested)

The Sweet Escape

Desire a longer getaway? Non-rushed and a true lovers occasion, pleasing and teasing like the Honeymoon experience, but for the extended stay. Breakfast in bed promised, and an experience customized to your unique desires. Available at my private incall or outcall. FMTY is an option.

Donation Rates:
$2000: 8 Hours
$2500: 12 Hours
(evening + overnight)
$3000: 24 Hours (day + overnight)
$5000: 48 Hours

$6000: 72 Hours (the weekender)

$12,000: 72 Hours True PSE (Must be Tested)

$15,000: 7 Days Full Week True PSE (Must be Tested)

$40,000: 30 Days True PSE (MUST BE Tested)


+$1000 for each additional 24 hours travel outside of Canada


Happy Birthday, Mister President

Don't tell Jackie! Thats right, spend a night with myself as Marilyn Monroe for your special day. Let my sweet and sexy voice ignite the fire in your loins as I sing happy birthday to you Monroe style, wherein after we can indulge in a special cake I'll make just for you. Any leftover frosting... well I'm sure we can find something to do with it...

Donation Rates:
$2000: 8 Hours
$2500: 12 Hours

$4000: 24 Hours

$10,000: 24 Hours True PSE (BBFS Must Be Tested)

Joli's Game Poker Night:

Have a professional stripper girlfriend and myself keep you company as you play poker with the boys. 4 Hours Minimum but have the option to extend if you tip myself and the girls right and show us you want us to stay! We will perform a 20min stripshow too. Bring cash if you would like to tip for services. We will be topless so make sure you have your poker face on.

$1000: Two Girls 4 Hours Topless + Stripshow

$1500: Three Girls 4 Hours Topless + Stripshow

Must Discuss Additional Services with Girls

+$500 for each additional player (couple and group play)*

Duet prices discussed in person*

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