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1. Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting the sensational and sensuous Joli Jolánka. It was one of the few bookings I did not make well in advance, and boy does it ever prove that some days you should just take a chance.

Joli is a truly tenderhearted, pleasant personality with a genuine and outwardly expressed interest in her clients as people. We engaged in lighthearted, but non-trivial conversation about our life and work experience as well as our interests and commonalities. I quickly learned that on top of being truly sweet and effortless to converse with, she's a very interesting and highly intelligent person with some intriguing hobbies (I am officially interested in learning more about tarot). She has a nice sense of humour to boot.

In terms of the session itself, I was quickly offered a very nice massage which alleviated tension from my lower back and shoulders before engaging in an amazing session which covered several different tempos, a few different positions and featured lots and lots of LFK/DFK (so yummy). She was so good in fact, that I started to feel delirious during the session and made questionable, borderline embarrassing decisions in response to very basic requests she made (I started reaching around the Kleenex box when she asked me to bring her a hot towel from the shelf). Seeing the colour contrast of her gorgeous, alabaster skin against my deep dark skin while her all natural body swayed back and forth in the mirrors was unbelievably sensual, erotic and just amazing. She's intoxicating.

She was patient, accommodating and seemed focused on making sure I was enjoying myself, although I regret not asking her more plainly what she wanted to do throughout the session (I love to return the favour). I had a fantastic and memorable time with her, and loved that she would chime in with suggestions now and again to keep the activities fresh. 

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that she is DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS and quite honestly one of the most stunning women I have seen in or outside of this industry. I ultimately wanted to see her because of her various self-descriptions here, on Twitter and on her website, which depicted an open-minded and sensual girl who takes care of her clients (which she is), but I must say my jaw almost dropped when she opened the door and cheerfully reached over to give me a hug. I expected her to be pretty of course, but she completely blew away all expectations I had in terms of her physical attractiveness. I was mesmerized by her face, hair, and skin (marshmallow soft). Her pictures look good, but she is an absolute bombshell in real life (she could easily pass for a MetArt model, especially with her exotic Eastern European look). More specifically I would say she looks not unlike porn actress Nina Skye (but even prettier), but with lush red hair and a beautiful, tantalizing curvaceous body. 

I'm not nearly as prolific a hobbyist as many here, but in my more limited experience with SP's, she still absolutely stands out as one of the best overall experiences in terms of interpersonal interaction, fun, sensuality, engagement and ability (CBJ was top notch). The fact that she's super attractive on top of all of that makes her a bonafide must see.

In no uncertain terms she is one of the women to see right now, and I would highly, highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you Joli.

2. Joli is gorgeous, sweet, and smart. Her smooth, silky skin feels great, she smells wonderful, her voice is sensual, and her touch is gentle but firm when it needs to be. When she hugs you all five of your senses perk up to the max. Just the thought of breathing in her sweet scent as her soft, wet lips covered my dry, nervous ones is making me want to see her again. Right now! Did I mention she's a wonderful kisser?

A truly erotic and interactive experience.

This was my first time seeing Joli. When she entered the room she was wearing a sexy, business-type outfit. Short, tight skirt with a smart-looking blouse. A real power ensemble. She asked me what kind of session I was looking for. I felt like I was at naughty job interview. I told her I wanted a sensual GFE experience.

She returned to the room in lingerie. She actually asked if I minded that she take it off. Lingerie looks great on her but it looks even better in a pile on the floor. I told her something to that effect.

We started off with a massage and some conversation. It was to great hear her sexy voice as her soft hands groped my back and shoulders. Intelligent conversation is a huge turn-on for me. We talked about astrology and criminal profiling. (Can astrology be used to aid in criminal profiling? Why didn't I think of that as we talked? Oh well -- next time.) We also talked about '80s porn. The latter isn't exactly a common topic of great intellectual discussion but Joli can probably make anything seem intelligent and interesting. And super-hot!

Anyway, then I turned over and the real fun started. I'll leave that part up to your imaginations. Whatever you imagine though isn't as great as what actually happened.

Performance anxiety did set in for me later on. I'm always nervous the first time with a new lady. I had an extra layer of nervousness this time though. Joli reminds me of the type of hot girl in school that I wanted to get with but never could. I think I was telling myself that during the session and I kind of felt like she was out of my league. Crazy, right? My body believed me.

I would love to see Joli again. Next time I'll listen to some motivational tapes on my way to the session.

Thanks for a great afternoon, Joli! 

3. When you first meet this Joli Jolanka, its very easy to see that she is a very pretty violet flower. This lady is simply stunning in person and her energy is magnetic. You almost have to describe it as powerful, mysterious and seductive.

Tonight was my first sensual meeting with Joli. We met at her downtown incall which has a very calm feel to the place. I had an opportunity to freshen up after long day outdoors. She met me in her bedroom wearing only a black lace lingerie which I secretly love so much. Once we got to know each other we starting some light kissing. Joli is great natural kisser. Not going to lie, sometimes that makes an evening amazing. From there we had a chance to explore what make each other happy. Joli took control to make sure I am comfortable first. She took her time and it was non-rushed. At the same time, one can't be selfish. Placed a pillow behind her head and had the pleasure of helping her relax (To the best of my ability of course...LOL). We were trying hard to make sure each other were happy.

One thing I am most intrigued about Joli is how she into astrology. We do have to have a follow up conversation on this topic. I feel the next meeting will be "next level" out of this world. Simply based on Joli positive vibes. These are the type of ladies I am attracted too. We do have more exploring to do. Really enjoyed my evening with the very Beautiful Joli Jolanka. Thank You Pretty Lady :)

4. I had a session with Joli on Tuesday afternoon at her downtown location. I had been intrigued by her advertisement and her photos. I was impressed by the writeups on her website. I had been thinking of seeing her for some time, and finally could make it work on Tuesday. Setting up the appointment was straightforward, done through emails.

Location was easy to find. Once inside.. oh wow, she is beautiful, good looking. An introductory hug let to LFK and I knew I was in for a good time. After a quick rinse, got to the bedroom where she was waiting. Started off with a bit of a conversation, moved to LFK, DFK, and other things followed. Without going into any details, I can say that there was a lot of intimacy, passion and a lot of activity in the bedroom. She is one of the best kissers that I have spent time with.

Overall a great session. She is not a clock watcher at all. She is there to please and I think she enjoyed the session. From my perspective, I had a wonderful time and will see her again soon.

5. Had a great start to Sunday AM today at Joli’s incall. While she didn’t actually feed me breakfast I ate plenty nonetheless!

She’s a beautiful, wonderful and engaging young lady that was a pleasure to spend some time with.

Set up was super easily done through email and her screening form. Her incall is centrally located and easy to find parking nearby. She provided all the pre, during and post event necessities and thoroughly cleaned up after our visit.

She has lots of content out in the twitterverse as well as her ads but those pictures don’t do her justice. She’s a hot ginger that is better seen in person.

I’d highly recommend a discussion with her prior to your visit as she does have a diverse and expansive menu. As always YMMV but I’m betting she could easily tick most boxes on your to do list.

Thanks very much for an awesome time today Joli. It was long overdue and I loved every minute of it!

6. She role plays, customizes sessions, creates mystery and fulfills fantasy. Joli is a vibrant, eclectic young woman.

But the young lady that I met could not defy her innocence. She is pretty as a princess to me, flowing locks of hair, a body so pure and her face so fresh. Joli is such a sweetheart, I know she has many facets and womanly wiles, but I found her so youthful, soft, and fragile even.

We're both Cancers, sensitive souls. That's one of the reasons I wanted to meet her. I wasn't sure if they're a good match. She could be a bit pushy, but so can I. She can be chatty, that's definitely me. She was a little stubborn, well maybe we Cancers aren't exactly stubborn, it's just that we know the right way. And she's most certainly creative sexually, way better than me in that department. I was happy to go her way, this time. 

We discussed some role play ideas. I gave her a new idea of one to ponder, and she gave me a duo suggestion that I never would have guessed. For sure I want to try her Queen of Dragons scenario, it's her favorite. I can totally imagine it realistically, I'm the barbarian all crude and rough, and Joli would take me down and show me the ways of intimacy and tenderness.

Joli is a beautiful young lady, fortune smiles and treasures fate. Thank you sweet Joli.

7. Wow, this woman is so attentive! You get the feeling that she is fully into everything you say and do. I'm always nervous the first time I meet a new lady, but she was so relaxing and easy to talk to. She loves kissing as well. Her best qualities are.. everything. I don't think I could pick one. All safe services. I'm the kind of guy that only repeats for personality, and I'll definitely try to see her again for this reason alone, but her hips to waist ratio is unbelievable.

8. I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to spend an erotic interlude with Ms. Joli Jolanka. I was able to provide the required reference and we set up a convenient date at her incall. When we met, she was wearing this very sexy form fitting dress and heels. Joli is a very sexy woman. We got better acquainted and she had some very sexy lingerie underneath that dress. She started off with an amazing massage and things took off after that. Use your imagination. Joli is a gorgeous ginger with an amazing body, and personality. She is also very sweet, and puts you at ease. I hope to see her again!

9. My first visions of Joli were at Shannia's M&G wearing a tastefully revealing gown, elegance. Even the shy self couldn't resist the temptation of Joli's beauty. Wandering over to introduce myself to Joli with the hopes my babbling wouldn't deter too much from the conversation. We spoke of many things then Joli asked if I wanted to get something to drink and play a little pool. I believe Joli took advantage of my limited knowledge of the game to her advantage but little did she know the visuals were to my pleasure and advantage, or maybe she did. Unfortunately I had to share Joli's presence with the other ladies and gentleman during the evening.

Mesmerized by Joli's beauty, our conversations and some unknown forces a message was sent to Joli a few days later requesting sharing dinner and a little intimate time together. A few more messages and details were confirmed and schedules aligned.

The evening of our date, the cold, ranch duties and helping my son with his little business had me awake for 36 hours. Finding my way to Joli's the ranch wagon plied down the cold and slippery streets in unknown areas with the assistance of GPS. Seeing Joli again, her natural beauty, our conversations, ranch wagons bum warmers on max and other forces of the universe were ever present. Mushiness. A few tunes. Trying to be a gentleman. Walking to the restaurant I am sure I voiced my thoughts about the cold. Warmed by Joli's PSA.

Finding our way back to my place, the conversations continued as thoughts of Joli raced through the mushiness of my mind. Showing Joli around my old place, not much to see in its two rooms. Talk about furniture, shopping, fantasies, two strangers sharing so much, moments, cuddles and yes there were even kisses exchanged. Exploring intimacies, sharing openly, yes more kisses and even under the cover cuddling, embraces, scents, tastes, fleshly desires and yes a very relaxing message that put this tired sole to sleep. I was told there was even a little snoring.

Finally there was the drive back to Joli's, the walk to her door. The long drive back to the ranch. So many thoughts of Joli, time shared between strangers. Later I read somewhere about deep conversations, laws of attraction and the universe listens. It put a big smile on my face and internal warmth on a cold winter's day.

Thank you Joli, hope to see you when I get back. Always xoxo

10. I spent about 17 hours with her. Definitely not enough time. She is very mysterious. I can't quite figure her out. I love her eyes and she's very cute. Lol. She's probably the first person that I can look at straight in the eyes and not know what's going on inside there. This is coming from someone both dumb and smart, I have a PHD and a masters in engineering. She's very warming and engaging. I like the fact that she doesn't have very many tattoos/piercings, as that's not my thing. In my opinion spending at least a few days with her to develop an emotional connection is a must. Maybe a week or year... There's so much more there than just a quick fu*k, like what you get at a rub and tug. When I look at her I see a lot of passion and spirituality which could make for amazing love making, you see I didn’t say sex, even though thats what I mean... that is if a connection is made.

11. First review here and well deserved as well. I was really interested in booking an overnight outcall date and came across Joli via her ad. Contacting her was simple and we decided on a date and also a general agenda for the evening. She was very responsive and took the time to answer all the questions that I had. We both agreed to let the evening flow organically and also try to live in the moment.

On the day of the date, she showed up early, which I really appreciated. She was dressed in an absolutely stunning outfit. For me, I am a big face person and Joli has a really pretty face with soft eyes. After getting settled in the room, we went for dinner and a round of minigolf. Conversation flowed very easily as we shared many life experiences and also got to know each other through conversation. The rest of the night involved lots of making out in various places, a fun board game, some time in the hot tub, lots of cuddling, among other things. One of the absolute highlights of the evening was the wonderful massage that Joli provided for me. The right amount of pressure and sensuality all bottled up in a simple massage.

Even the conversation the next morning was fun and also not superficial. I would truly encourage anyone who has not had a session with Joli to book a session. She is really smart, an awesome conversationalist and drop dead gorgeous. Well spent evening/night overall. I can't wait for the next one!

12. From the moment we met I know this lady would be fun. She is a beautiful lady, red hair, porcelain soft skin, intelligent, great communicator. I had her pegged as the girl next door but she has a playful/naught side. She came to the room wearing some very sexy lingerie, that alone got my motor running. Started with the basic massage, at times her hands felt like a feather running over my body. When you're with her, her main concern is that you're happy and enjoying yourself, It's all about you. What went on between us will remain between us. I will say she sure can kiss. I was never rushed and found our conversation flowed like we had been together many times before. Sure hope she will see me again because I'd like to see her. She is a must see,

13. When I walked in, Joli came to meet me at the door. Now I am shy as hell (and she could tell) but right away she made me feel comfortable and welcome. She is an absolute sweetheart and I loved how she didn't rush a single thing. We talked lots while she rubbed the kinks out of my back and neck. She is a much tinier person than me, and I was even afraid at one point that she'd hurt her hands the way she was working out the tension. 

After a long relaxing back and neck rub she asked me to roll over and gently and sensually worked me with her hands (which felt surprisingly incredible!) and her mouth, while she asked me about what kind of porn I liked, while I complimented her strawberry blonde hair and beautiful skin. 

Nothing too wild (which is what I wanted) and that one hour with her made my entire week, and I am so glad I visited.
Thank you, Joli!

14. Joli Jolanka my little brat, oh how the devil possess her. It took some time to maintain composure to keep the situation under control, and it did take discipline. May the cards tell of our intertwined fate in the futu

15. Moved overseas and visited Edmonton for a few days. Saw Joli's ad of the weekend special. Called in and booked. 

Arrived on time and waited a few minutes. Joli came in, struck right away by her seducing hourglass figure and charming smile. Clarified the special offerings and positively surprised by the value for money. She set up the shower and said shower won't count and the time will start after she comes back - very nice and it proves a non-rushed session for sure. 

We started with Joli giving message on my back. Such a lovely view looking through the side mirror on her and her lovely natural breasts. Turned over and very much enjoyed touching, kissing and sucking them. I like sensual and slow. Joli was doing a gorgeous HJ and even better CBJ, with a lot of eye contacts. Perhaps jet lagged, it took me longer to finally cum, but Joli was patient, accommodating and tried best efforts to please. I was very happy and more than satisfied and gave her a tip at the end - to be honest, what she provided was way more value than the special posted. Thank you Joli. 

Will repeat when next in town.

16. Always wondered about this girl, she had a special (ends aug11) so thought why not.

Joli is all natural ginger, nice curvy body, attractive face, sly, seductive smile and the most sexy, feminine voice you’ll ever hear! She is very intelligent & she wants to know what you’re into & what turns you on sexually.
The session was no FS, just a highly enjoyable nude massage. She has a soft intuitive touch, her HJ technique really felt good and had me awaiting her CBJ, which she went deep and hard and fast till climax. Certainly a different session but a great intro to make an acquaintance with a new sexy gem. Definitely gonna return for a full session.

17. Couple of weeks back I found myself with some exploratory free time. When she came into the room to introduce herself, I asked her to stay.
She is very attractive and comfortable to be with.

I received a very soothing massage and soothed myself massaging this young lady. 

A very pleasant time was enjoyed and Joli is very much on my Edmonton to revisit list. I highly recommend that you visit this crimson gal

All reviews are taken directly off CAF. Edits have been made only to grammatical errors. Clients' CAF handles are not displayed. If you would like to write your encounter with me, post on CAF!

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